Satroma Ranch

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where did the pond go??

Drought and more drought. Did you ever think you would get tired of a sunny day? We usually never have to feed hay until the first freeze, usually in December. We have been feeding hay since August and are lucky to have it.

We use a 10% dry mix feed for our donkeys that are young or dam's with nursing foals. We are having to supplement feed also. Donkey owners be careful not to feed free choice alfalfa or a high protein sweet feed. Donkeys don't need that. They have lived for thousands of years on scrub. They are tough.

If you can't find or afford coastal hay then use a dry mix feed and some hay cuts bagged from the feed store. Make sure your animals still have lots of water and that salt/mineral block or loose  mineral. And remember to get a donkey hug every day!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Happy New Year! Sorry I haven't been posting for a bit. I am dealing with some health issues. 

It is cold all over Texas. But your donkeys should have great furry coats by now!! Just make sure their water is not iced over and keep it full. Feel along the ribs, under that fluffy coat...does it feel bony or do you feel smooth tissue over those ribs. If you think they are getting skinny under all that fluff, increase their hay as opposed to their feed to help keep them warm and gain weight. Their bodies will be working on breaking down that hay fiber and the process is a bit slower than with the grain. Don't neglect the wormer and feet trimming even in the winter. It is dry here, but if the ground is soggy where you live, make sure they have a dry place to stand.

And getting some extra good donkey hugs will keep you warm and happy through this winter also!! - Liz